We always talk about video acquisition.  We yap on about the new cameras, the new formats, how to get a shot with a Movi or a drone or where to use a close up.  It’s all about the image.  What often times gets left behind is that all great videos, be they small :10 sec ads all the way up to features, have a script.  The ideas and content are first written down and organized in a structured way so that capturing that all important visual image will be done correctly and efficiently.  So what makes a good script writer, a good script, how does one get into that side of the business, who writes all of them?

We use a number of different script writers, why, because one person can’t write every type of script out there in an effective way.  A comedic viewpoint takes a different mind than a dramatic interpretation, in most instances.  Car commercials, social media videos, book trailers and promotional ads all have script writers but the same guy isn’t writing them all.  One thing is certain, a good script writer needs to be able to adapt.  This is because normally, when dealing in videos, there are many different opinions and the initial script is going to be changed multiple times by the end.  A script writer who knows how to let go and swing with change is going to be much more successful in gaining more work as well as having leverage to argue their point.  If they let little things go, often times they can keep in the script something that is more dear to their heart.  But I’m not a script writer, it’s just what I’ve seen.  Below are a few a good articles and such on script writing to take a look at if you’re interested.





Script writing may not be the most glamorous part of creating video but it is essential.  Having someone who loves to write and knows how to craft a script is as important as the people hitting record.  It’s good to remember that at all levels of production.  We appreciate all the hard work that goes into each script and want to let all the script writers out there know they are appreciated.