Crafting High-End Productions with the Right Crew – Your Vision, Our Expertise.

At FiveSix, we understand that it takes more than just a camera to capture a memorable moment. The success of any production hinges on the synergy of a talented, experienced team. That’s why we go beyond providing mere services – we offer full-fledged, high-end production crewing.

At FiveSix, we believe in transforming your needs into a visually stunning reality. Contact us today and discover the difference that a dedicated, high-end production crew can make. Together, we can create moments that resonate, stories that captivate, and experiences that leave a lasting impact.

FiveSix Productions

Camera Crews

We have Camera OPs and DPs available to cover any size production.

Whether you are filming a Commercial, Sports, Convention, Or another Live Event. We have an experienced team and production gear to make it happen for you.

FiveSix Productions

Gaffers & Grips

Our Gaffer and Grip crew are second to none.

We are experienced in all types of production and we have the resources to accommodate any size production.

We own and maintain some of the Best Grip and Lighting Packages in Las Vegas.

FiveSix Productions

Production Crew

Whether you need Audio, ACs, Wardrobe, Props, & Makeup we have The Best in Vegas working with us.

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Behind The ScenesOur Production Crews at Work