We heard some really exciting news over the past week, the unveiling of some brand new cameras! We here at FiveSix Productions thought we were pretty good about staying up on all the haps with new and, may I say, unique cameras, but we are wrong. Apparently, appliance companies are riding an interesting wave of innovation and brand-development, and creating cameras that are not only discrete, but also, multifunctional. Samsung, GE, Oster, Whirlpool, Black+Decker, Kenmore, and Kitchen Aid are all developing and bringing cameras to market; cameras that can also, heat food and beverages! They’ve utilized the classic and functional “microwave oven” design to create hearty, robust cameras that can really enable your production to reach new levels. One of the best functions for our non-professionals and “weekend-warriors”, is to utilize the food heating function primarily, while using the image capturing capabilities for home surveillance…. it doesn’t even need to be your home, you can give it as a “gift”, and spy on whoever you want. With prices that will no-doubt trump the competition, the future is nearly ready- depending on what Wattage the camera/microwave is.

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