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At FiveSix Productions, we produce dynamic content with a focus on storytelling and creative visuals. Our video production company works with clients and brands from around the globe to help tell their story and spread their vision. We have the experience and equipment to bring your vision to life. Our Las Vegas–based video production company is here for you every step of the way to provide the tools you need for success. Call us today at (702) 749-5456 to learn more!


The initial approach to any project determines the level of success.  Our process has been honed over the last decade to take an initial idea and turn the vision into on-screen reality.  The ingredients are simple.  We listen, connect and collaborate.  It's why our clients keep coming back time and again and why we've become a leading content creator in Las Vegas and Southern California.


You can place two different teams in the same situation and get radically different outcomes. For video production, this is certainly the case and it starts with being technically proficient and culminates with creativity. On the technical side, you won't find a more competent and knowledgeable team than FiveSix Productions.


Streaming and remote viewing is now part of every successful company's culture and platform.  We've embraced the changes to our industry and are equipped with the knowledge and gear in order to stream around the globe.  We produce live shows, conferences, broadcasts or can simply zoom in a producer for a remote interview.  We make it easy to stream from anywhere and on whatever platform you prefer.

In addition to Las Vegas, we also serve Southern California with our Long Beach video production office.  But it doesn’t make a difference where we’re shooting, our production philosophy remains the same, to deliver beyond expectations.


Our breadth of experience includes commercials, documentaries, social media, corporate communications, convention and trade show, music videos, reality shows, talk shows and real-time streaming events. We are the dynamic storytellers for some of the world’s most recognized brands. Whatever the size of the screen from mobile phones to theatrical releases, our videos have a lasting impact.

We let our clients tell our story.


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