Professional Video Production Services 

FiveSix Productions is your home for all your video production needs in Las Vegas. Our professional video production services cover everything from resort video production and branded content to commercials and live streaming events. We have the experience and equipment to handle your project from start to finish. Learn more about our professional video production services by calling us at (702) 749-5456.


Las Vegas is the trade show capital of the country.  It makes sense, since we're located in Las Vegas, that nobody covers as many trade shows as FiveSix. If you're looking for highlights, testimonials, product and marketing videos or even a live stream so nobody misses out on what you're doing, we have you covered.


What is the most compelling way to have your audience participate in your brand?  Tell them a story.  It's that simple.  Let us collaborate with your team to bring your story to the screen.


Las Vegas is where we started and is the home base for most of our production team. We have a unique studio space with a large 3-walled cyclorama and post production facilities covering two buildings. We provide professional video production services to the Las Vegas community as well as all the businesses coming to Las Vegas for meetings and events. Let us know what you're looking to do in town and we can take it from there.


We work with new businesses on positioning their brand for immediate engagement but also with existing businesses to refresh or renew their brand for key messages.  It's really about timing and visual engagement and that's something we know how to do right, the first time.


We've all recently had a good amount of practice in remote working and at FiveSix we took that opportunity to become incredibly efficient at putting on virtual events. As we move beyond Covid, FiveSix is ready to continue offering our high-end streaming packages as well as servicing live events at the same time.