Here we are, back where we said we’d never return… production audio. We’ve had a delicate relationship with the subject, as have some of our friends, such as F11 Rentals. However, we love audio and their people, we think highly of them, and have sacrificed many assorted fruits and veggies (we respect animals) in it’s honor.

Audio is an unmanageable and unscrupulous harlot that often leaves you tired and torn- and sometimes broke. Capturing good audio takes a cunning, talented, and relentless soundsmith- especially in many of the environments we find ourselves in. Rarely is there moment while doing video production in Las Vegas that there aren’t the booby trapping sounds of slots paying out and people being happy, however, those sounds are only there to muffle the soft sobbing of broke dreamers and the enraged drunkards.

The moral of this tale is to bring light to the creativity that often times flows out of our audio brothers and sisters as effortlessly as the salmon of Capistrano go upstream. Just sit back and enjoy the show. (Take a look at the accompanying photo to see an amateur’s attempt at boom pole majesty.)