Hi. It’s been a while. FiveSix Productions has been in and out of Sin City for the past month embroiled in a “national tour” of sorts. St. Louis, Baltimore, Houston, and Los Angeles have been homes away from home for our crew of dreamers, and we are about to lift landing gear on a trip back to the Windy City. Not long after we return to our humble abode in the desert, we’ll be traveling up north to Seattle to pay our respects to the folks who some of us give most of our money to (Starbucks); we may even do some work while we’re there. Despite the hot, swampy nature of this time of year in the aforementioned cities, we have had the pleasure of shooting in some very gorgeous parks and recreation areas.

Meanwhile, our Las Vegas video production campaign has been raging on with jobs both big and small. Despite the crew valiantly attempting to take some time off for a little R&R, fate has intervened and challenged us all to “make it all work”. With any luck, we’ll make it to the other side where cooler temperatures and football season await (personally, I’m more of a baseball fan- but whatever).

Until next time- keep dreaming you dreamers.