David and I took a recent opportunity to travel to San Diego, CA. While our days were spent filming different locations around the town. We took some time in the afternoon to have some fun. For us that means cracking out the drone. We wanted to test out our updated X5 camera during sunset. With the X5 having an updated micro 4/3rds sensor we were anxious to test out the camera’s low light capabilities.

We were pleasantly surprised with how the footage held up compared to our older X3 camera. Shot at ISO 100, the shot really held the detail in the water. The artifacting in the blacks, that we had come to expect in the X3, was greatly reduced. We did some shots with the D-log and ended up setting the camera to no picture profile. We were happy with the results but will need some more testing in the resolve bay to figure out the best workflow for our team.

Here is a quick H264 proxy from my phone. Looking good!