Yesterday, FiveSix Productions, along with one of our favorite free-lance DPs, captured the magic that is beverage and snack-food distribution. This b-roll package, that kind of found it’s way into something a bit more special, focused on the sometimes dangerous, and always fast-paced world of taking the concessions we hold near and dear to our heart, and definitely our waistlines, and sending them near and far. The focus was on safety, but our eyes were on the prize: salty, bubbly, flavorful treats that can’t be beat. With bright neon vests, ingenious devices to protect our little piggies, and of course goggles to protect our money makers, we explored the world of forklift operations, pre-shift stretches, and the danger zone that is the red zone. What a rush! What a sensation! What a day in the world of Las Vegas video production!