We have been extremely happy with our DJI Inspire 1. It has been a very capable tool that we have used to capture some incredible aerials. We were very excited when DJI released their new quad chargers. As the batteries only last 15-20 minutes, we need a full stable of them for our shoots. One could spend all night babysitting the batteries as they charged individually.

Well we loaded up the new charger and to our dismay, it killed two of our batteries. The batteries are dead and look like the guts have exploded as the batteries are bulging out the sides. Now is the big kicker. I called DJI support and they said the batteries are just out of warranty so I’ll need to pay for a repair or replacements. It doesn’t matter to them that their charger malfunctioned and killed the batteries.IMG_20151020_150938808


This has been the big concern for a lot of video professionals. How is DJI’s professional service going to be when there is a problem? It took DJI 3 days to tell me that I was on my own. It’s more than obvious that their support team is new and can’t work off the provided corporate script. This is a huge disappointment for our team. We love our drone but we can’t provide a service if the product or the company that build it isn’t dependable.

We might replace our batteries and continue to fly our Inspire 1 but we have canceled our planned upgrade to the new camera system. We will wait and see what Go-Pro and the rest of the competition come up with while we wait on DJI’s service quality to catch up with their product quality (Quad Charger Excluded).