It’s that time again, time for the Las Vegas Film Festival! It’s an opportunity for big dreamers and doers to get out there and show off their best short, feature, and documentary films. From near and far, high and low, here and there, independent film makers are putting their hearts, souls, and best feet forward in an all-out, winner take-all battle of visual story telling.

The festival will run for four days downtown in some of the exciting and eclectic theaters that are woven into the fabric of old Vegas. So grab your popcorn, sodas, and bullet proof vests, and let’s go! Pimpin, Korean culture camp, deadbeat dads, and dirty French something or another are the topics of the day in the four feature films being presented; and nothing says “great weekend” like some hookers and a weekend in Vegas with some foreigners!

So, if you’re in the mood for a cinematic adventure this weekend, and aren’t interested in men acting like ants, any possible or impossible missions, or anyone from Compton, give the Las Vegas Film Festival a try, and make sure to cheer extra loud for any Las Vegas film makers.