We all know the harmful effects of too much sun and pollution, but we aren’t much for heading professional medical advice, and we certainly know how to live dangerously. One of our favorite early spring clients came through, and we were back on the golf links, soaking up the rays, breathing deep, the sweet, city air, and driving our golf cart like we stole it. The day took us from fairways, greens, and tee boxes, to the clubhouse, and eventually, back to the Encore Resort where a ceremony was held to cap off the day. We tackled the day with our reliable Canon C300 Mark I and a Sound Devices 633 audio mixer with our best microphone and boom (complete with all the wind-diffusion we could find). All in all, it was a great day, and as soon as our sunburns heal and our lungs clear up, we’ll be ready for another round of Las Vegas video production.