It’s been a long month. The FiveSix team has been full steam on a huge entertainment project that has spanned the entire country. Our team members have been working tirelessly here in Vegas, out in California, in the mid-west, and out on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Our senior editor has all but stopped speaking to anyone, we’re not sure if it’s sleep deprivation, the stressful deadlines, or if he’s simply taken his vows of silence. Rob and David have been working long hours, burning the midnight oil with our amazing production coordinator to make sure that all the travel and videos are made by deadline.

Along with all of this, we have a tried and true, senior team member who has carried the bulk of the additional jobs and projects we have taken on without breaking his stride. While the majority of our team cracks away at the 600 lb gorilla, Kevin has been on point keeping the rest of our awesome clients satisfied with top-notch work.

Only thirty hours left in this marathon, and we can all deflate just a bit before we get ourselves to the next Everest to climb.