So, do you remember that scene in I-Robot with Will Smith, where all the robots are enveloping him and his lady friend? Yeah, it’s cloudy to me too. Decent flick, but no where near as cool as the Isaac Asimov novel that inspired it. He instilled a lovely fear of robots and technology in us all.

Rob Jax of FiveSix has a drone. This drone has a camera. This camera is of quality design and build. We got some decent footage (I hope) of beach and establishing shots of Caesars Atlantic City from the ocean.

The trick is to compensate for the wind, equate for the sun, and watch the birds! Holy cheese, watch the birds! They attack at will. Tip: small birds attack, big birds observe; it’s a a size, territory thing.

Drones are dope, they offer great shots for a great value- and are a huge addition to so many projects. Just remember that you’re the master, not the machine.


Check the flight out here: