Today is a big day for FiveSix Productions! Not only did we get to dust off the ol’ steady cam and give it a go for a while, we got to do something that enriches the life of a very deserving and adorable person. Let me start by saying that many years ago I had the pleasure of working for the Walt Disney Company, and was therefore afforded the chance to be a part of making many a young-person’s dream(s) come true in whatever way they imagined. Meet Mickey? Of course! Play basketball with Dwight Howard? You got it! View fireworks from the princess castle at Disney World? Not a problem! So, in that spirit, we’re making more dreams come true right here in Las Vegas! Now, it’s not quite for the deserving children that “Make-A-Wish” selflessly helps, but we did our best. We are currently shooting a short film for a very deserving and special old man who’s only dream is to avenge a sad time in his life. While I won’t desecrate the noble and honorable mission of “Make-A-Wish” by making any more comparisons, I will say that we’re busting our bums to make a dream come true for someone who otherwise, wouldn’t have said chance. Well, it’s on to the next location- until next time.