FiveSix Productions loves Las Vegas, it’s our home, and so, we have a lot invested into this city. We certainly have been excited to see the growth in the time since we’ve been in existence, and also, in the past two or three decades. Las Vegas has been, and most likely will continue to be one of the quickest growing cities and metro areas in the country for years to come. So, with all this said, we are anxiously watching all the events unfold regarding the proposed 65,000 seat stadium that will potentially host the Oakland Raiders franchise. Beyond the NFL, sources continue to state that professional soccer, rugby, specialty sports, and large music events will also be held here. That all equates to more job opportunities for the film and video worlds- which is great for us, and of course you, our Las Vegas video production friends here in town. We would love to hear from our friends and counterparts here in Vegas, and beyond, what do you think about the stadium, the Raiders moving here? Would you rather have the tax money go to the see the convention center expanded? Some food for thought going into the holiday weekend.