Houston, we have a problem… and problem of too much awesome sauce dripping all over the place. So, check this out: in a couple days, we’re essentially going to become junior astrophysicists, and by junior, I mean full-blown, certified, degree from Harvard, astrophysicists! For real. I can’t tell you what we’re doing or where we’re going (that’s actually how I feel about all the shoots I’m sent on… would be nice for some information!), all I can tell you is that it’s basically Top-Secret, NASA/CIA/FBI/NSA/NFL/Chef-Boyardee level stuff. We’ve got a pretty sick lineup of RED cameras and a C300 Mark II with some fresh lenses to basically knock this out of the stratosphere. Perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll share a couple photos when we get back- but I doubt it, as they’ll probably have to terminate us- if you know what I mean. We’ll see. So, check back Monday for potential updates- if we make it back alive…. Las Vegas video production sure can be exciting.

Note: I’m actually not going on this shoot, I’m getting a tattoo worked on and going to a baseball game- the other suckers can risk their lives.