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Storytelling through Post Production #storytelling #postproduction #editing

One of the most challenging, if not the most challenging aspect of editing/post production is telling a story. Story telling doesn't start and stop with the writer and his or her screenplay, it is an integral facet of every department, from camera, to audio, wardrobe, makeup, direction, etc. From beginning to end, no matter the scale or scope of a project, whether it's a film, television show, commercial, instructional video, etc., storytelling is the core element. This fact resonates especially true in the world of post production. The order of shots can be reorganized many ways to achieve very subtle or very drastic outcomes. The choice of music and sound effects, along with the placement of these elements has an equally dramatic effect (ask Dog&PonyShow). The pace of the edit, the placement of music, the order of shots, the type of shots, and a plethora of other factors go into determining the final product, and telling the specific story.

Editors and instructors Larry Jordan and Norman Hollyn give a very interesting and informative guide through the world of post production and how important story telling is. One of the cool notes from Larry Jordan is the "rule of thirds" as it relates to editing. The rule states that every shot effects the shot before it, after, and of course, the shot itself is a factor. Pretty simple, but a great philosophy to keep in mind. He has two books that his partner Larry Jordan said were worth checking out: "The Film Editing Room Handbook" for beginning/novice editors (such as myself), and "The Lean Forward Moment".

So, watch the awesome video, check out Larry and Norman's website:, which is an amazing resource for filmmakers (such as nofilmschool), and, keep on learning and growing!