Hi friends, we here at FiveSix Productions stay super busy, all the time- it’s like, non-stop, every day, no such thing as a vacation. It’s the best. And, as we are gluttons for punishment, we like to do more filming when we’re not allowed to be at work. That’s why two of our team members got all fired up and entered into the Nevada Film Office’s annual video contest. We need your help to advance our video to the finals, so we can show Nevada why even when it’s not work related, the salty fellas at the bottom of the totem pole at FiveSix ball out of control, each and every day.

Follow this link: https://www.nevadafilm.com/filmnv/#!/entry/10320701 to view our video, and vote. Vote early, vote often, and tell your friends, neighbors, enemies, dog, grandma, and the milk man.