From time to time out freelancers swing by the office. Sometimes they want to check out a new piece of gear but most often its just to shoot the breeze.  We work with some very talented folks and we have always considered our freelancers as part of our extended family. 

One of our regulars was in today and mention that another company in town announced a policy to pay their freelancers Net 90. WTF! That is ridiculous.

As a company we rely on our freelancer to represent us on each and every shoot. Not only in delivering a top quality product but also in taking care of our clients as we would personally. As our freelancers look out for us, we have made it a point to take care of them.

We have always vowed to pay the best rate based on our clients budget.

We make sure or freelancers are fed and happy.

We don’t ask our freelancers to do any work we wouldn’t do personally.

We pay Net 21 (at the latest).

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with us send your info to