There are a great number of charitable and non-profit organizations that rely heavily on donations in order to exist.  These organizations are budget conscious on everything they do, this includes costs on sending out their messages and costs on achieving the missions.  With these limitations, I see them come up with some truly unique and inventive ways of spreading the word on what they do and what they would like to achieve.  Normally, these solutions don’t involve too much video, the perception is that it is too expensive.

But that’s a perception.  What I believe non-profits are missing out on are storytelling social media videos.  The public loves non-profit organizations but much of the time they don’t really know what they do.  They can read about the missions and values and some achievements but what’s left out is the story on whom they’ve touched, to whom they have made a difference.  These storytelling pieces that don’t have to be more than a couple minutes long can be shot in a day, and edited in a day and give a tangible story for people to relate to and hopefully reach out to help with time or donations.

Video can achieve these connections better than any other media.  These stories will increase donations as people connect with the non-profit business and want to be a part of what they are doing.  Production companies like us here at FiveSix Productions also help out with special pricing or bulk pricing on videos for non-profits since we know there are limiting constraints and we want to be a part of their missions.  We hope all production companies do this as well so that these businesses can thrive and make our communities a better place.




non profits – they have a message to give – they are some of the nicest people – theyhave a bunch of audiences,theyareasking for donations  – need facetime for that – we have specail pricing –