While walking the isles of NAB 2017 we had a few things on our mind.

Now the proud owners of a set of Schneider Xenar IIIs, I am presented with a new problem. How can we keep the crew’s hands off of our new lenses? Our good friend, DP David C. Smith recommended the first thing we go out and buy is a wireless follow focus. Perfect. In comes the Tilta Nucleus-M.

We strolled thru the Arri and Chroziel booth but decided we should do some walking since we are on a Ramen budget. We found ourselves at DJI, where we immediately got distracted by the new drones and gimbals.

The number of new products was overwhelming. To take a break from the window shopping we decided to visit our friends at Cinebags. While chatting with the crew there something caught our eye. Just across the walkway, in the Tilta booth, was our answer.

The Tilta Nucleus-M.

This new product satisfied all of our needs and at $1200 it meets our stringent budget. This will be great on the gimbal as well as our C300 MKII rigs. We immediately put an order in for the kit plus an extra motor. We can’t wait to give it a go this summer. Tilta is planning on shipping these units July 2017.