I got an idea, let’s make a viral video.  We hear this a bunch.  It’s a noble endeavor, I too want to make a video that is so compelling it gets shared and viewed millions upon millions of times garnering publicity and spreading an effective message while all the while providing entertainment.  Much more difficult to do than to say.  Very few viral videos start out with the idea, let’s make a viral video, don’t get me wrong it happens but more often than not, the phrase let’s make a viral video shouldn’t be the starting point.

The starting point should be, let’s make a video that serves a purpose to us.  Do we want to spread a message to our customers?  Do we want to spread awareness around an issue that isn’t being served?  Do we want to just be funny and show all our friends how clever we are?  To start out saying let’s make a viral video is akin to writing a book specifically to make money.  If that’s your ultimate goal, it’s probably not going to go very well and perhaps you shouldn’t be writing a book.

Make a video to serve a purpose.  If it’s done well, it will be shared within the circle you meant it for and I would consider that a viral success.  Now, one thing that blew my mind is when I heard that there were a couple instances where some video production companies charged viral rates.  Huh?  How does that even work?

Our viral video prices start at the same place as our regular prices, we use the same cameras in our viral videos as our normal videos, such as the C300, PMW 300 and HPX 500 oh and the most versatile viral camera, the Go Pro Hero.  Our viral editing rate is the same as our regular editing rate and we edit on the same AVID system.  Nobody can deliver a viral video on demand….yet.  We’re working on that.

When  thinking about a video, please be sure the purpose isn’t to go viral.  In the case that it does, it should be a very pleasant side effect.