Video production in Las Vegas hotels and resorts has it’s pros and cons. I won’t go through the whole list, but there are plenty points on both sides. While shooting at a very nice “off strip” resort this week, we ran into quite an audio issue. Day one went smooth as one could hope, no distractions, everyone was on time, and all seemed great. Day two is where we ran into some problems. As we began our first interview, there was a sound similar to a jackhammer or drill going on nearby. We waited a moment, but it was consistent. Unfortunately, after finally getting in touch with someone who knew the happenings in the hotel that day, we found that the spa was directly below us, and it was under a two day renovation. Fortunately, with some tact, poise, and resourcefulness, our producer was able to find us a more suitable, and much more quiet room far from construction zones. Just goes to show, cooler heads often prevail; even on set.