It’s interesting to see the high amount of forms sent to us inquiring about producing music videos. Often times these are solo artists, with a song or two, who wish to break into the industry. They figure a video is a good way to show off their music as well as their style/look at the same time. They’re right, it is. However, often times the idea is to shoot on the strip, in a grand suite, or in the middle of the desert with sweeping sand dunes. This all takes much more than what they envision. At FiveSix, when we do something, we like to do it right. Unfortunately, doing a music video right is expensive. With costs that include creative, pre-production, transportation and props as well as the time it takes for multiple locations, extras, crew members and hours of post including graphics and effects, doing a music video right isn’t cheap. This is our conundrum. We want to help, music videos are fun to produce. But these solo artists often times are funding the video themselves and have a few hundred dollars to spend. Because of this, the video ends up as a cell phone video taken by their friend. This not only doesn’t do justice to the music they’ve created but the visuals as well. Unless these artists can find someone to help fund a production, my suggestion would be to just stick to getting the music out and forget about the video until a budget has been established. A poorly shot video with weak sound and no editing, costs the artist credibility and rarely will launch anybody’s career. We welcome all inquiries as far as music videos and will talk through costs and ideas and hopefully send an artist on the right path. There are ways to produce high quality and keep the costs down such as reducing locations and keeping it simple. But in my opinion, in regards to music videos, holding off on creating a video is better than a putting out a poorly produced one.