Feliz Seis de Mayo! Today is the day we take a moment to celebrate the sixth of May, or 5/6. We pay homage to the film and video gods by taking a day to give thanks and praise for all that we have in this motion picture world of ours. What better way to engage in such frivolities than by cleaning our lenses, tightening screws and bolts on our stands, re-wrapping xlr and stingers, organizing sandbags by size and weight, and clearing out error messages from our Avid- I mean… discussing new plug-ins for Avid. There’s nothing we love more in life than fourteen hour days on set, but even we have to take a day to reset, recharge, and celebrate all that we’ve been given. Worry not though, we never say no, so should something come up, or should we get that spark in our eye, maybe we can squeeze in a half day green screen or two. Here’s a toast to all you film makers out there (even you, audio department (sorry, F11 Rentals made us type that)), thank you for all you do for us, we hope we can bring a smile to your face.