Explainer Videos – Getting Lost in the Shuffle, #explainervideo

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, when they first popped up in popularity a few years ago they were inventive, new, fun, edgy.  They filled the important and specific role of telling an audience what a company was all about in a fun way rather than in a ‘read this page’ kind of way.  They worked.  They engaged people because they were a new way of presenting information.  But here we are, a few years down the line and explainer videos have gone from inventive and fun to ‘I’ve seen this type of animation before, I don’t care to watch it again.’  Click away, I’d rather read a page and move on with my life.  The formulaic explainer video has become old news and as such, has lost some impact.

The problem is that explainer videos became so popular that a cookie cutter approach was developed to creating them and they were churned out as fast as possible.  Throw up some stick figures, or a white board with drawings or some graphics/text whipping in and out, use a voice over, add a logo and kick it out.  It’s no longer cute and new, its just another video to watch.

Now, we can’t just abandon the explainer video.  The purpose for creating such a video isn’t going away.  We know that video is the preferred method of digesting information for a large percentage of the population and no company wants to miss out on communicating effectively.  The goal of these videos in the future is to standout and not to get lost in the shuffle. This means to steer clear of the cookie cutter animations and do something that is unexpected or do something that is live action.  Clever, thought out, pre-produced explainer videos will not only garner more attention and shares and likes and thumbs ups, but they will deliver a better message in the end.  Effective explainer videos can’t be done in an afternoon, like most things, they need to be done well, not just done.

Put on your creative beanies and try to stop regurgitating what the last guy did because each time the same video is created with a different logo, it becomes less effective and less desirable to watch.

There are only a few around but production houses like us here at FiveSix will help develop a concept from the very beginning and be sure to follow through so that the end product reflects the company in a unique and effective way.  We’ll also have some fun.

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  1. Rolland Grogg
    Rolland Grogg:

    Hey! I like your post… Explainer features, when they initially appeared in prevalence a couple of years prior they were innovative, new, fun, tense.

  2. John Miles
    John Miles:

    Hi from San Francisco Bay Area,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m available to do voice overs for you. I’m studio equipped and provide fast turnaround.

    Here’s one I just voiced for a Silicon Valley start up.


    And one of a series I was hired to voice for a German agency.


    And you can find my website demos here…


    And finally here’s an unsolicited testimonial from a London client…

    “I’ve worked with John on many different types of videos and he is as professional as they come. From a client’s perspective, he makes the whole process
    very smooth and I know that I can rely on John to deliver exactly what I need when I need it. The best part is that I can work with John on the
    appropriate style of voice for any given video – from pitch, intonation and delivery. He’s the best VO artist I’ve worked with and I can’t recommend him
    highly enough.”

    Gurminder Marwaha | Communications Specialist | McKinsey & Company, 1 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 4UH

    Please email or call me at 510.502.6968 if I can be of service.


    John Miles

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