We here at FiveSix Productions, your favorite Las Vegas video production company, believe our clients to be the most important aspect of our company! That being said, we always try to offer the best production experience possible on every job, from crew, to gear, to total experience. When a client hires us, we try to maximize the product we deliver while staying within their budget.

On a recent shoot, we ran into a situation where some flags would have been really helpful to create the best lighting situation; unfortunately, during the planning process, the client didn’t add them to their order. While we would love to bring our entire studio to each gig, that is unrealistic, so we run into these tricky situations from time to time. The key is to be able to adapt, and change on the fly. With a little creativity, calm demeanor, and some patience, we utilized what we had at hand, and were able to mimic a proper flag with some other gear. To the trained eye, the gear may have looked out of place, for the rest of the folks moving in and out, everything was ship-shape.

So, stay calm, take a deep breath, and those little speed bumps can be traversed with no trouble.

(I’ve included an old photo example of a time we used a soft box that wasn’t in play to flag for one that was.)