At FiveSix Productions, we find more and more these days we’re shooting and editing for strictly web video delivery. Businesses are finding that to differentiate themselves from their competitors, their website needs to show rather than tell a potential consumer or client what the business or brand is all about.  A compelling video that shows all facets of a business including their product or service in action can be consumed in a more effective way than reading text blurbs.   We’ve done a few storytelling pieces in the past month and have a couple more scheduled in the next few weeks and anticipate this trend to continue as more businesses realize this is an effective way to spend marketing dollars.

        With that said, these video pieces can’t be considered as just another marketing outlet or they will fall into the forgettable category, nor can they be a commercial or heavily sales driven in nature. These videos need to be thought out well in advance and planned accordingly.  The right tools are a start(such as our new Canon C300 camera, Kessler Cineslider or  Steadicam Flyer), but more important are putting the right people in place. Those people are the ones who will listen to your ideas, help you focus them in the right areas and help you to visually get across what it is you think is more important about your brand and image.  If the brand and image of a business is portrayed in the the correct way, the product or service will sell itself.  

        We understand how to put these corporate storytelling videos together and have had success in doing so.  They are some of the most fun projects to work on where we get to be collaborative and creative and in the end, see the results in web traffic, views and conversions.  We’re just getting started in this businesss trend and we like what we see so far and hope to make corporate storytelling an intricate part of our video production work moving forward. Check out our projects page to see some of our more recent work.  

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