Surfing Heritage Founder, Dick Metz has lived an amazing, exciting, and charmed life! Aside from establishing one of the greatest historical surfing institutions in the world, Metz had a hand in numerous surf-related ventures in his storied past. From early travels to Africa, Polynesia, and beyond, watch as Metz relates his tale that went on to inspire Bruce Brown to create the greatest surf film of all time, The Endless Summer. Learn about the early days of Hobie, Clark Foam, Surfline Hawaii and Jams, and more. Like a real-life Forrest Gump, Dick Metz has had a hand in creating some of surfing’s most iconic brands, topping it off with the creation of Surfing Heritage!

We recorded this interview for our film BoardRoom at the SHACC in which Metz gave his firsthand account of his world travels and more.

BoardRoom was filmed by FiveSix Productions, a Las Vegas video production company.

Interview conducted by Robert Bell.

Directed by Markus Davids

Executive Producer : Robert Jax