Dick Metz, Board Member and Founder of Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center, has supplied the vision for the SHACC and the initial funding. Central to the mission, Dick is donating his extensive surfboard collection, and bequeathed his estate to the Foundation. Dick, who grew up in Laguna Beach as a buddy of such notables as Hobie Alter, Reynolds Yater, and Hevs McClelland, is himself a pioneering figure in our sport and industry. As the driving force behind Surfline Hawaii and the Hobie Sports retail chain, and as the traveling surfer who cross-pollinated a fledgling South African surf scene with Hobie and Gordon Clark in California, and suggested to Bruce Brown that he film for The Endless Summer in South Africa, Metz has changed the course of surf history. Now, his goal is to preserve it.

Produced by FiveSix Productions a Las Vegas video production Company

Interview conducted by Robert Bell.