Our next interview to be released is the “father of the modern longboard”, Bill Stewart. Bill unfortunately was tooooo young to have a featured role in our movie. Our story revolved around the fathers of the original longboard. That being the case I’m very excited to share our interview with Bill. If we were to create BoardRoom part 2, I’m sure Bill would be one of the featured cast with his stories and in-site on how the surf industry evolved. From Longbaords to Shortboards and back with the introduction on the modern longboard.

The production team:
Robert Jax owns FiveSix Productions which is a Las Vegas video production company. We produce documentaries, commercials, and high end corporate videos.
Markus Davids owns Cinebags production bags and is a cinematographer known for his underwater DPness
Robert Bell is a world renowned producer and was one of the first people to surf the cove in PV with a wetsuit.

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