Sometimes it’s enjoyable to take a look at a few of the positions in the production world and poke fun at what they have to go through.  Every position has its challenges and Camera Assistant is one in particular that has so many responsibilities they are bound to get frustrated at least once per shoot.  Over at theblackandblue, a great resource for camera assists, they put out a list of gifs that sums up some of these instances.  Take a look, we found them to be amusing.

And then there are the jobs that everybody assumes they understand and therefore can comment about and make judgements about quality of work.  Video editor sounds quite self explanatory but its tough to put into words what exactly these unsung heroes do for video production.  Insidetheedit made a great video that elegantly describes what an editor does and shows how they have more power over the final product than what people may believe. Check it out.

We here at FiveSix Productions appreciate all the crew positions and know a production doesn’t go smoothly if the tools are in place for everyone.  Be in corporate videos, training videos, commercials, or green screen production, there is a lot that goes on with every job to make a video come out great.