Video Production Crew

Video production on the famous High Roller at the Linq.

While only a few years old, the High Roller at The Linq has quickly become a very popular attraction for tourists and cameras alike. Whether you're hitting Sin City for some fun, or, filming a commercial, television show, or the like, the Linq provides excellent views of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

It's not just a matter of stepping into a pod with your crew and talent and hitting record though. First, of course you'll want to contact the fine folks over at the Linq (they're nice folks) and make sure it's cool to film; here's where you'll not only get permission, but you can also see if they can make any concessions for you. Once you get into your pod, you'll note that there is no power available- so, bring batteries. Second, there's not a ton of room- while you're not in the coat closet, you won't be able to put that jib up. Next, depending on what time of day you're in there, you may have quite a battle on your hands with the sun. During the day, your view is less than stellar... while Vegas tries valiantly to make everything look nice when the sun is out, we all know this city looks best bathed in neon. So, you may be thinking to yourself, "Okay Jim, no problem there, we'll shoot at night.", well, after availability, you'll want to remember that those pods do reflect something fierce, so you'll need to get creative lighting your talent. Once the sun goes down, and the strip lights up, it's absolutely stunning (for about 15 minutes at the top).

I can go on, but, you're probably bored to death if you've made it this far. So, instead, go give it a shot, or, let FiveSix Productions do it for you- no fuss, no muss. Put your beloved video shoot in the hands of the best Las Vegas video production company!?


This is what Christmas is like in Australia #Canon C300 MarkII #Upgrade #What Mattress Did I Put Those Unmarked Non-sequential $20s In?

It's odd to think of celebrating our "winter" holidays of Christmas/Hanukkah, New Years, etc., in the summer when it's time for baseball, grilling, and vacations at the beach- but that's what's going on for some of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. I think though, with the recent announcement of the Canon C300 Mark II, I'm beginning to understand the combined joy of home runs, boogie boards, and chestnuts on an open fire. All in all, it's 90 degrees and sunny, and it feels like it's time to light the menorah.

The Canon C300 Mark II is an evolutionary cinema EOS 4K camera that has raised the bar higher than our pals in Colorado and Washington. Not only is it capable of internal and external 4K/2K/full HD recording, but Canon developed an 8.85 Megapixel Canon Super 35mm 16:9 CMOS image sensor that records at a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels and provides a high-speed readout for reduced rolling shutter distortion. That all equates to a larger-than-life, gorgeous picture that will make your neighbors feel like the poor kid at the arcade.

Canon didn't stop with sensors, they threw dual DIGIC DV5 image processors in to help reduce visual noise and enable high-sensitivity shooting at an unheard of max speed of ISO 102,400 (or +54dB), i.e. you could shoot in your creepy cousin's dark apartment without much fuss.

That's a lot of numbers and acronyms, so lets wrap this up. The Mark II is an incredible new machine that will certainly revolutionize the industry; but make sure not to forget how amazing the older brother (the always dependable Canon C300) is. Our friends at F11 rentals have a couple if you find the need.