Need a Television Commercial?

Whether you’re a small business looking to produce your first TV commercial or a Fortune 500 company looking for a national spot. FiveSix is ready to tackle your Las Vegas commercial production needs.

At FiveSix Productions, our creative team works with your company to understand your brand. We immerse ourselves in your company’s culture to deliver a commercial piece with purpose and results. With your knowledge of your customer and competition, and our obsession with creativity, branding strategies, and interactive Web solutions, there’s nothing our Las Vegas commercial team can’t accomplish.


Brand Identity

Your clients and employees need to know your product or service and what it stands for. FiveSix Productions can make this happen.

On-Line Marketing

Create an online video to drive traffic to your social media outlets and website. Hits, views, likes and links, we target them all.

Gaming Commercials

Gaming is what keeps tourists coming back to Las Vegas. Keep your players informed and your brand in the forefront of the Las Vegas scene.

High-End Productions

We have all the high end capabilities in-house to make your next production shine..

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising can be the most effective way to reach your target audience. In some instances, it can be the largest contributing factor in whether or not you reach your goals for delivering a message. This message could be for marketing and selling purposes, brand management and recognition or something else entirely you feel needs to be sent out and received by a group of people. In any instance, commercials serve various functions and are known to be effective.

At FiveSix Productions, our Las Vegas video production team will take your idea for a commercial from the point of inception all the way through to the finished product. You know your business and your message better than we ever will and realizing that, we work with you to bring your message to the screen. Other places try to think for you and often get it wrong. We listen first and then proceed through the process.

Commercials come in a variety of types. This is based on location, budget, time, intended media outlet and the actual message. We have experience and understand how each of these considerations works to create the final product. As a result, we will provide you a product you will be proud of and one that demonstrates your message clearly and effectively. Be it for national broadcast or a specific web audience, your commercial will be tailored to your needs.

Let us quote your upcoming Las Vegas commercial production.

Other Production

When running an election campaign, video is the most dynamic form of media capable of reaching a mass audience. Do it right with FiveSix Productions and let us distribute your message to multiple outlets.

Yellow text, blue numbers, red commas, loud voices, whistles and not a car to be seen. What are you selling again? We’ll make sure your clients know.

Las Vegas is built on entertainment and the competition is stiff within the industry. A well done commercial production will help you get that edge you need.

If sound is all you need, we’re really good at these and if you stay long enough we might be able to match you up with some visuals.


Everything you need for your next commercial.

List of Features

  • Cinema Production Cameras

  • In-house Creatives

  • Full post facility with color correction

  • Grip and lighting packages

  • Prime Cinema Lenses

Other Services

Our Las Vegas corporate video productions rival the best in the country. We provide the best production value that your budget will allow.
Las Vegas is the number one convention destination. With great conventions comes great convention videos. Our team is great with last-minute needs.
We work with many networks and producers to crew shows and events of all sizes.