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Nucleus-M Follow Focus

We definitely felt like kids on Christmas Eve, as we waited for our Tilta Nucleus-M follow focus system to arrive. When it did, oh boy, were we excited! This thing is amazing. The kit includes three motors to drive focus, zoom, and iris; all of which can be daisy chained off the same power source. There is a handheld unit that can control all three motors simultaneously, or, two handles that can be mounted to a shoulder rig or our amazing DJI Ronin 2.

The Nucleus-M features multiple functions including programming start and stop points, calibrating lenses without hard-stops, 1000' transmission range, and more. This product is definitely an essential component of your next Las Vegas or Long Beach video production shoot; and will give the DP/camera op so much range and flexibility. Contact us today to book your next Las Vegas video production, and make sure to ask about including the Tilta Nucleus-M with our amazing Schneider cine-primes.

Tilta Follow Focus

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New shoulder rigs coming soon!

Every once and a while, you get that spark of imagination, the creative juices begin to flow... and suddenly, you have created something totally righteous. That's just what we're doing here at FiveSix Productions. We realize that to expand and improve upon what we can offer to our clients, and to continue to push the limits of what FiveSix Productions is capable of, well, we need to never stop expanding on our gear and skill sets. That's why we're building a pair of sleek, dynamic, and versatile shoulder-rigs that will allow us to push beyond what we've been able to do with our older shoulder rigs.

Now, don't get too excited, we didn't opt for the edition with the sparklers and mini-fridges, but we are pretty sure these will work just as well. Coupled with our new Tilta Nucleus-M follow focus system, and our upgraded power-distribution solution, anything from our Canon C300 Mark II's to our RED Epic Dragon will be set free. We are excited to announce that our new DJI Ronin 2 will also benefit from our Nucleus-M follow focus system, and between that and our shoulder rigs, series of sliders, jibs, and tripods, we've completely set our photography free.

Make sure to ask about our new shoulder rigs and DJI Ronin 2 when booking your next Las Vegas or Long Beach video production project with us.

Zacuto Shoulder Rig


Tilat Nucleus m

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FiveSix Productions Celebrates Success

If you may recall, a couple stalwart members of FiveSix Productions got all fired up and entered a video contest. Well, lo and behold, we won! That's right! John (senior editor) and I (base of the pole), won the first ever Nevada Film Office's annual Film Contest. We are very honored and humbled to have been selected as winners, and we sure were impressed with the other entries (there are some great film makers here in Nevada). We want to thank everyone who voted day after day in the first round to get us to the judges, and we appreciate the support and encouragement during the stressful month waiting for the results.

We want to send one of our biggest 'thank yous!' to our friends and pay-check producers, FiveSix Productions. Rob and Dave were very excited and encouraging of our entering the contest, and graciously offered any gear we needed, and allowed us to use some beautiful timelapse footage of Las Vegas Boulevard.

So, again, thank you all! And thank you FiveSix Productions for continuing to support their employees, friends, and independent film makers who chase their/our dreams. Unbiased: if you want to work with the best video production company in Las Vegas, look no further than FiveSix Productions.