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Long Shots - The Popularity of the Single Shot Video #videoproduction #singletake

We talk about videos most of the day around here and we don't always agree on everything, however, one thing that nobody can argue against  is that videos that are done in a single shot or have that illusion are quite impressive.  I've seen this being done more often, complete with elaborate sets and with elaborate choreography.  In these videos the camera is as much of the star as those people it is capturing.  Being handed off to one person and then another, lifted over buildings, through windows, flying amongst debris or simply following action, the camera movement stands out.  This style of one take, no cuts, really grabs a viewer's attention and often times, if done right, creates buzz and achieves the desired result in the end, often times it goes viral.  These videos could be considered a type of dance, by that we mean the entire process is choreographed and practiced and practiced again.  Everything has its place and rehearsal is vital.  And though you may only see a few people on camera, there are dozens behind the scenes.  It's getting more popular especially with music videos as seen with the new videos from OK Go and even Weird Al.  But it can also be done with any type of video given the correct pre-production, space(which tends to be overlooked in these scenarios) and budget.  These videos could be a good fit in commercial or corporate work, even video contests or book trailers.  Let us know if you see any more of these out there or better yet, we'd love to put one together if you have an idea.