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Live Event Video Production

While FiveSix Productions is known for our exceptional commercial and web videos, one sometimes overlooked area is our ability to aid in live event video production. Our experienced crews craft up industry-leading content to be played at your event, but we also have talented, experienced crew to aid during your event. Whether you need man on the street interviews of event goers, recordings of break out sessions, general sessions, happy face videos, or just gear to accomplish these tasks, we here at FiveSix Productions have what you need. We pride ourselves on being the best video production company in Long Beach, Orange County, Southern California and Las Vegas, and we are focused on make sure that you, our clients get more than you expected.

Along with our staff members, we have accumulated a long and distinguished list of freelance cinematographers, camera operators, audio technicians, grips, PA's, and on-site editors that will make sure that every aspect of your live event video production is perfect. Give us a call today, and let us know what you have planned for your next trip to the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Anaheim Convention Center, or one of the many, many convention and meeting centers in the Las Vegas metro area.

Cannon C300 MGM

It's so hot, we're on fire.

If you haven't noticed, it's been a little hot and flame-y out west lately. Our Long Beach office is bathing in a nice, thick cloud of smoke from all the fires in and around L.A.; and out in Vegas, well, there's a nice smokey haze blowing in from the coast, and it's probably 157° right now. That however, doesn't stop us from getting all dressed up, grabbing a C300, and walking up and down Las Vegas Blvd. for hour after hour of mid-day excitement. Now, one might think, "Why on Earth would you do that!?"; the answer: we love what we do, and we don't care about a little bit of heat stroke. We are expecting a little bit of a cool in Vegas, and are hoping our Southern California peeps get a little break from the fires soon; but, either way, we'll be cranking away at bringing you the best Las Vegas video production and best Long Beach video production we can.

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions


Filming at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas

One of our most frequented Las Vegas video production venues is Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Delano, hotel Four Seasons hotel, and the 2 Million square foot Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

This property is gigantic! In Mandalay Bay, there are 3,309 rooms, a huge casino floor, about two dozen restaurants, a House of Blues venue, a theater or two, and an events center that is a little smaller than MGM Grand Garden. Then, there is the Delano, which has an additional 1,117 rooms, all of which are a minimum of 750 square feet- so we end up doing a lot of in-room/suite shooting there. Delano has a couple of restaurants, one of which is at the very top of the hotel, and includes amazing views of the strip, mountains, city, etc. The Four Seasons is hidden, but a gem once you find it; it's really beautiful, occupying four of the floors of Mandalay Bay near the top, and then there are some meeting rooms, restaurants, and a nice looking lobby on the ground level. The best way to get to the Four Seasons is to simply valet there, but, if you want to push in from M.B., you need to head towards the pool/M.B. valet pickup.

Mandalay Bay is located at 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Parking is easily accessed from Las Vegas BlVd and Mandalay Bay Rd., but we prefer Frank Sinatra Dr. Mandalay Bay is an MGM property, so everyone pays to park, including the new convention center parking garage. Pushing gear in easy, but you definitely get your steps in if you're parking at Mandalay Bay garage and going to the convention center.

The convention/meeting space is located on the south and southeast end of the property, and our friends at Encore handle in-house audio/lighting services. There’s not always communication between the client and the house, so make sure to bring enough power and audio cabling, just in case it isn’t always set. We’ve also gotten into the habit of bringing a lavalier kit, XLR turnarounds, XLR to 1/4 inch, and various other cables for when we run into various and differing audio boards, we’ll be set. This is one of the largest convention venues in the city, and an expansion was just completed. Biggest tip: parking is usually easy, but beware, when big conventions come in, the convention garage fills up really fast.

If you're in an oversized vehicle, there's an auxiliary lot across Vegas Blvd, just take Four Seasons Drive and go behind the Shell Station- kind of a pain in the butt, but hey, buy a smaller truck.

The most important item, however, is that there are two Starbucks. They are both really far from the convention center- the closer one, of course, has the longest line. The other is located near House of Blues... so, it's good to stop on your way.

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

Stoked For The New Year!

Now that the holiday decorations are put away, the confetti has been swept away, and the last of the sparkling cider has been sipped, it's time to get back to the fun and adventure that is Las Vegas video production! One of our favorite times of year is the winter and spring, as it brings great trade shows like CES 2017 to town. The fun doesn't stop at trade shows though, now that the kiddo's are back to the class room, mom and dad are back to getting some work done, and that means we have work too! We're excited to see what the new year will bring us, and we sure can't wait to reconnect with all our great clients and production contemporaries, as well as meet some new faces. So, don't hesitate to reach out for any project you need help with, and we will see you on set, real soon!

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

Best Shoot Ever!

We had one of the best shoots ever a few days ago! It's hard to tell which shoot is our favorite or the best, but this one really holds weight! We got to spend the day with round after round of amazing dogs! We were shooting the last day of a week-long convention over at the Venetian, and for no other reason than dogs are amazing, the hosts of the show brought in wave after wave of therapy dogs for the tired convention goers. These dogs certainly served their purpose, as the attendees, clearly exhausted from a week of hard work, perked right up with big smiles and renewed energy. Now, I'm not going to lie, I myself took a moment or five to stop by and get some shots of the pups, and I may have gave a head scratch or two. Again, it's so hard to pick our favorite shoot, but if you bring furry friends, it certainly moves you ahead in line.

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Now That The Dust Has Settled #FinishedProduct #TeamEffort #TimeToRelax

Whew. That was exhausting. FiveSix Productions has completed one of the biggest projects of the season, and probably of the whole year. A six-week project that took every available team member and resource (not necessarily all at once) to almost a dozen cities, and through hundreds of combined work hours is now completed and the file can be closed. The culmination of all this work came last night here in Vegas where an awards ceremony was held to celebrate some pretty amazing people. These people were rightly awarded and celebrated through stories and on our part, videos, while they were treated to some of the finest that Las Vegas has to offer.

I think I can speak for the whole team, when I say that our tireless efforts were all worth it, as we delivered a great product to commemorate and praise outstanding individuals who selflessly give of themselves year after year. So, until next year when we get to meet more amazing folks, happy shooting.


All Hands On Deck #TheHomeStretch #MountainsToClimb #TeamEffort

It's been a long month. The FiveSix team has been full steam on a huge entertainment project that has spanned the entire country. Our team members have been working tirelessly here in Vegas, out in California, in the mid-west, and out on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Our senior editor has all but stopped speaking to anyone, we're not sure if it's sleep deprivation, the stressful deadlines, or if he's simply taken his vows of silence. Rob and David have been working long hours, burning the midnight oil with our amazing production coordinator to make sure that all the travel and videos are made by deadline.

Along with all of this, we have a tried and true, senior team member who has carried the bulk of the additional jobs and projects we have taken on without breaking his stride. While the majority of our team cracks away at the 600 lb gorilla, Kevin has been on point keeping the rest of our awesome clients satisfied with top-notch work.

Only thirty hours left in this marathon, and we can all deflate just a bit before we get ourselves to the next Everest to climb.

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

Roadtrippin' #roadtrip #crosscountry #jetset

It's Chairman's season at Caesars, which means it's travel season for FiveSix Productions! We have the delectable delight of dashing about the country meeting and interviewing the best employees Caesars has to offer.

From Kansas City and Chicago, to the Atlantic seaboard, down on the Gulf coast and out to sunny Southern California- FiveSix' courageous crew of confident cohorts is flying and driving around this beautiful country in pursuit of excellence.

This venture ends at the pinnacle of opulence- Las Vegas Boulevard, where we will present a cinematic roundup of champions at the awards ceremony.

We are three winners down, and taking a much appreciated breather in amazing Chicago, U.S.A. Next stop: Louisiana- See you from the road.

"Roadtrippin' with my two favorite allies, fully loaded, we've got snacks and supplies..." -Red Hot Chili Peppers


Six Channels of Awesome!!! #LasVegasVideoProduction #LasVegasAudio #AudioMixer #SoundsLikeLoveFeels

FiveSix Productions recently made a massive upgrade to it's audio department with the procurement of a Sound Devices 664 six-channel audio mixer. This state of the art audio mixer immediately doubles the workload capability of any other mixer in FiveSix' arsenal, and enables FiveSix to take on larger, more challenging audio tasks without outsourcing, therein strengthening the team as a whole. The primary feature is not the ability to record up to sixteen channels (with a future upgrade), but rather, to record sound internally, which provides liberty not yet experienced within the FiveSix realm.

FiveSix Productions has been consistently and successfully moving towards being one of the best and most sought after video production companies in Las Vegas. The addition of not only more equipment, but better quality equipment, not only enables FiveSix to provide everything a client needs, but also provides a Las Vegas video equipment rental solution for production audio, video, and more.

Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling.