The quick answer to this often asked question is a resounding yes! As former freelancers we have all been on shoots where you are hoping the gear you are working with that day operates like it should.

We pride ourselves with working with the best talent in Las Vegas. It important to us to know our gear is going to be working reliably on each and every shoot. An important aspect of a good production is having the equipment you use routinely serviced and cleaned. Here at FiveSix for instance, we send our Canon C300s out for an annual cleaning and “sprucing up”; that insures that everything is running correctly, all the nuts and bolts are tight, and everything is clean, especially deep down. By taking advantage of our Canon CPS account, we ensure all of our lenses as well as our cameras are in tip top shape.

The fine folks over at Canon are trained and able to clean all the intricate and difficult parts of the camera that we here would rather not mess with. We certainly take pride in taking the best care of our products while they’re here in house, but definitely don’t underestimate the trained professionals that help keep our machine running smoothly. Here in the desert, our production gear needs all the care we can give it!