Larry Gordon, co-founder of G&S Surfboards, died on January 1, 2016. We were fortunate to interview Larry and have him open up to us about the story behind the start of G&S surfboards.

Ken Lewis of Kelpfire wrote the following reflection:

“Larry’s real legacy is not just as a savvy business owner, but that of a surfer who followed his heart and was the father to his great family. Larry was a fixture at Tourmaline Surfing Park, where for decades he surfed, hung-out with local surfers and shared donuts with generations of grommets.

Larry’s memory will live on forever in every board that bears his logo and from every shaper that got their start working for him. The reach Larry Gordon had in our industry is the stuff of legend, but the character of the man surpasses the word more than you would ever believe.”

The production team:
Robert Jax owns FiveSix Productions which is a Las Vegas video production company. We produce documentaries, commercials, and high end corporate videos.
Markus Davids owns Cinebags production bags and is a cinematographer known for his underwater DPness.
Robert Bell is a world renowned producer and was one of the first people to surf the cove in PV with a wetsuit.

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