Audio Recording. Don't let the noise monster get you...

Let's talk about Audio Recording.

No, let's talk about money. I believe RZA and his Wu-Tang Clan said it best in 1994, when they taught us about C.R.E.A.M. Cash rules everything around me- that's a lesson that applies far beyond the confines of the 36 Chambers of Staten Island. What does this mean here in the world of video production? It means the same thing it does in the music industry, and the same thing as it does in the world of professional sand sculpting. Money moves, and money rules. Nothing is cheap in this world- especially producing beautiful sounding and looking motion pictures. That being said, what's worse than your expensive video being ruined by unexpected and uncontrollable noise? The answer is having a rabid grizzly bear loose on set- but, after that, it's the noise. Now how to have a good audio recording session.

When you film on the Las Vegas strip, you're thinking "Oh, gee, this will be so dope! We're going to have so much fun and make so many nice pictures, and everything will be perfect, and nothing will distract us!" That's 99.9% correct- with a large margin of error. While much can be done to control the environment in the local hotel rooms and conference rooms, there are some things that just come with the territory. There is an airport of international proportion nearby- in which, airplanes fly. Airplanes make noise, so- if you are anywhere on the strip, chances are, at some point throughout the day, those metal birds will make their presence known. There are also a lot of folks in loud sports cars and motorcycles cruising up and down L.V. Boulevard- you'll hear those too. There's an Air Force base here in town- those brave men and women who defend our liberties practice swooping, rolling, and diving in their jets from time to time... believe, you, me, you'll hear those too. Let's say you go and hide down in the very back corner of the back corner of the convention hall... SERVICE HALLWAY!!!! Hahahahaha!

Now, before you give up and call it quits- remember: with a little patience, and a little trust- we can work around those noises, and your audio recording will sound amazing! You may have to wait thirty seconds or so, every hour, on the hour, for some bells, but, then it's all good. Also, remember the fine folks, the good hearted folks, folks like our good friends at Dog & Pony Show here in Vegas can do miracles in their studio for production and post-production. Oh, sound blankets work too... also- silent films.

Good luck!

Nevada Film Tax Incentive is Back!

It's been a dry three years here in Nevada- and not just the weather. For the past three years, Nevada has not had a tax incentive for local filming.

Ko Ricker, over at MovieMaker magazine, wrote a great article about the new film tax incentive, and what it means for all of Nevada. Ko mentioned a couple of the recent Blockbuster films: Jason Bourne starring Jimmy Kimmel's favorite actor, Matt Damon, and the Jammie Foxx thriller, Sleepless, that were (fully or partially) shot in and around Las Vegas Blvd. He also spoke about writer/director Robert Putka's latest micro-budget (sub $100,000.00) dramedy We Used To Know Each Other, shot in the Las Vegas suburbs. Beyond the films, he made note of the expansive desert locals, unique vistas that exist in places like Valley of Fire State Park, and the beautiful, mountain northwest in and around Lake Tahoe and Reno. I'll let you read the much better written article Getting Lucky in Nevada on moviemaker.com, and then it's time you get started on writing that Nevada based indie that's been stewing in your mind. Make sure to contact the Nevada Film Office for your permits, then hire FiveSix Productions as your Las Vegas video production crew, we're excited to show L.A. what we're all about.

FiveSix Productions Is Seeing Stars

Lately, FiveSix Productions has been seeing stars, and not just the twinkling ones overhead. "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks, NBA legend and purported hand warmer Gary Payton, and more, have made their way in front of or near our lenses. We try not to become giddy school girls when such talented and fantastic folks enter our humble day-to-day, but there is admittedly, the occasional gasp or secret-photo grabbed. In our personal quests to become international movie stars and/or world-class professional athletes ourselves, we here at FiveSix Productions appreciate the exposure and learning opportunities provided by such folk. Undoubtedly, here in fantastic Las Vegas, there will be plenty more opportunities to mix and mingle with the stars, as we continue on our Las Vegas video production journey.

FiveSix Productions Tangos with Cinebags

FiveSix Productions has a soft spot for the folks over at Cinebags; their line of production bags not only protects and serves our precious gear, it also looks great while doing it!

Recently, FiveSix Productions had the opportunity to work with Cinebags on a new set of videos to showcase their awesome line of products, and we had a blast doing it. It was great to break out the Dana Dolly, and some of our specialty lenses, and really get our creative minds working. Coupled with some dope beats and fat tracks, and there's no way these videos will be anything less than spectacular. For your next Las Vegas video production, or anywhere you want to take our gear, you'll be shooting with the finest, and carrying it in style- Cinebags' motto is "Life on Location", and we here at FiveSix Productions want to help you get there.

Remember Captain Planet!?

If you're old (or young) enough, you may remember Captain Planet, the lovable blue superhero who saved lives and the world week after week. Well, in that spirit, we're in on saving the world too, and what better place to start than the environment. FiveSix Productions recently ventured out to the Nevada/California state line, where solar power is all the rage. A brand new, state of the art solar plant just opened in Primm, NV, and we were there to capture all the festivities. State and local leaders were joined by solar power business leaders, and even Bureau of Land Management folks, for some speeches, ribbon cutting, and touring- all to celebrate progress in clean energy, local economy, and more. It was our pleasure to be a part of the historical event. We're busy as ever, so we're off to our next Las Vegas video production gig. Later!


FiveSix Productions Agrees to Disagree

Yesterday, Las Vegas was the center of the American Political Future! The two candidates for POTUS exchanged verbal and psychological fisticuffs last night over at the Thomas and Mack Center on the campus of UNLV, and FiveSix Productions had crews about the town covering all the angles. From "Public Expression Zones" on campus, to Las Vegas Boulevard, and even a Debate Watch Party over at the Palazzo, we were there to drink it all in. We didn't mind all the road closures and traffic associated with the event, as we're easily distracted by shiny things and colors; and with all the shiny police cars, badges, red and blue flashing lights, and lovely secret service and FBI all over the place, we had plenty to look at. Our only sadness comes with the fact that we can't do it again today, and we'll have to wait another four years to even have a chance; we just hope Las Vegas did a good enough job to merit such a treat. We are strong in our convictions however, and we're trudging forward with heads held high, onto our next, exciting, Las Vegas video production gig. Go 'merica!


Really Long Lenses!

FiveSix Productions (the Las Vegas video production company of choice) has a nice set of lenses, but occasionally we have need for lenses that don't fit into our normal repertoire, enter a 200-400mm L-Series with a 1.4X zoom. This puppy has been just what the doctor ordered. We got to take it out on a rare-short film we're shooting right now (refreshing change of pace), and the fellas are taking it out, deep into the Nevada desert to shoot something so exciting, my trembling fingers can't complete the words.... So, while we pride ourselves on owning the best of the best, we certainly know when and where to get supplementary gear to make sure we deliver on time, in budget, and beyond what's expected!

War Time!

On this day in 1977, Star Wars (the absolute original, Episode IV: A New Hope), opened courtesy of 20th Century Fox, and Mr. George Lucas. 20th Century gave $9.5 million to this project because of the success of Lucas' previous film "American Graffiti", in '73. From Tunisia to Death Valley, and Alderaan and the Death Star, a cast of unknown players made a sci-fi epic, epic and legendary.
Released in only 42 theaters originally, Star Wars soon spread across the nation, and globe, profiting $100million by summers' end (2nd only to "Gone With the Wind", if inflation is considered).
From ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), Lucas Ranch, the revival of the sci-fi genre, the mega-inflation of marketing and merchandising, spin-offs, competing films and television shows, and six of ten oscars on Episode IV- there is no doubt about the influence of this film.
So, that's what happened today- thirty-nine years ago- but forever in our minds, imagination, and hearts.


On This Day in Film History

On this day in film history, "Spider-Man" starring Tobey Maguire, and directed by Sam Raimi, became the fastest to $100 million in Hollywood box office history. Previous films such as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Star-Wars: The Phantom Menace" had taken five days to reach that mark, "Spider-Man" took only the weekend. However, as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus philosophized, "The only constant is change." (that may not be a direct quote, but that was that dude's mantra); both "Spider-Man" sequels and "The Dark Knight" would all break that record. "The Dark Knight" would go on to do more than $150 million over opening weekend. So, boom, there you go, a little trivia that you'll never use. Now, enough of this, you've got tequila, cerveza, and tacos to attend to. Fiesta!