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BoardRoom Interview - Greg Noll Interview Part 1

Greg Noll is one of the most iconic big wave surfers of all time. He was also one of the pioneering surfboard shapers that our Southern California video production team interviewed for our surf documentary, BoardRoom – Legends of Surfboard Shaping 

Greg Noll started building custom surfboards out of Balsa wood in his parent’s garage in Manhattan Beach California in 1951. Greg is known for his outrageous stories and he didn’t disappoint. Below is part one of our full interview with Greg Noll. You can learn more about Greg at Noll Surfboards.

Mike Hynson & Melinda walk on beach

Boardroom Interview - Mike Hynson Part 3

Mike Hynson is one to tell it like it is. He didn't hold anything back in our interview. Our interviewer, Robert Bell was loving life as story after story was told about the early days. Our production team has put together the final part of Mike's interview for your viewing pleasure here.

Check out the full documentary at


If you enjoyed this interview with Mike. You will want to see this one with Rich Harbour from Harbour Surfboards.

Mike Hynson

BoardRoom Interview - Mike Hynson Part 2

Our production team is happy to share part 2 of our interview with Mike Hynson. For those who love the stories, you can get your copy of Boardroom here:

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BoardRoom Interview – Robert August Part 1

Robert Alan August was born in Hermosa Beach in 1944 and grew up just down the California coast in Seal Beach. His father, Orral "Blackie" August, was a lifeguard at nearby Redondo Beach and was one of the first surfers to ride its waves. Blackie often surfed with Duke Kahanamoku when The Duke would visit Southern California, and had Robert surfing at the age of six.

A natural goofy-footer, Robert quickly developed the smooth, relaxed style that allowed him to become a successful contest surfer at a very young age. He finished fourth in the men's division of the 1963 West Coast Championships and third in the '64 U.S. Invitational. In 1965, Robert placed third in the U.S. Surfing Championships and was invited to surf in the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational.

Below is part 1 of our interview with Robert. If you enjoy this you should check out our surf documentary, BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping.

Executive Producer: Robert Jax
Producer / Interviewer: Robert Bell
Director: Markus Davids

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BoardRoom Interview - Renny Yater Part 1

Reynolds "Renny"  Yater was one of the first real commercial surfboard builders of the 1950s-a generation that really put surfing on the map. In the early 1950s, Yater shaped and fiberglassed his own boards. During the mid-5Os, Hobie hired him to glass his balsa boards in his Dana Point shop. In 1957, he moved over to Dale Velzy's shop in San Clemente where he began to shape balsa boards. His experience working with both of those industry icons gave us a unique in site in to the dynamic of the industry at that time.

Here is Part 1 of Renny's interview from our surf documentary Boardroom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping

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Terry Martin - Legendary Surfboard Shaper Passes on.

We were fortunate to  interview Terry Martin for our film BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping. Terry shaped for Hobie Surfboards for over 40 years and was one of the most respected shapers ever. We interviewed over 40 of the top shapers in the industry and each of them talked about Terri with pure admiration.

When I first met Terry I wasn't sure what to expect. Who was this board building machine? It didn't take long for me to realize what everybody saw in Terry Martin. He was a man with passion for his craft, a true rarity in today's world.

We spent all morning going through the Hobie shop with Terry as he showed us his tools and his approach to board building. He would grab some handmade tool off of his shelf and tell the story of why he created it and how it was used. His eyes would light up as he relayed the tale. After our interview he took us back to his home. He introduced us to his wife as we looked at his old photo albums. We talked story in his garage and snacked on fruits from his trees in the yard. Terry was a joy to be around but it was over the next two years that I really got to know him.

While editing Boardroom, I had to go over his interview with a fine tooth comb. Terry was our principle for telling Hobie's story. I spent days if not weeks replaying and listening to Terry tell his story. His passion and dedication to his craft should be an inspiration to us all. I was fortunate to have met Terry for the day but I was even more fortunate to have him in front of me for the past few years while editing this film.

 Terry Martin


- Rob Jax

Executive Producer / Cinematographer / Editor, BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping

X-Dance in Salt Lake City

We just arrived to the X-Dance film festival for our screening of BoardRoom. Wish us luck!