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Las Vegas Stock Footage

We are asked all the time by clients to go shoot the strip in between interviews. What they don't realize until they arrive to Las Vegas is the scope and size of the properties. At some of the venues we film it's a half hour walk to get to the strip to film anything. Knowing this, one of the things we do on off days is send our crews out to film the city. If a client books an on-site Avid or Premiere edit systems, we make sure we have it loaded with all of the latest footage that our team has captured.

Here are some samples of some of the footage we have filmed here in Las Vegas.


Film Reel

The Hunt for Free Footage

In a hunt for royalty free, historical footage, I found quite a few road blocks. Most free footage is water stamped, or too poor of quality. Licensing footage can cost a fortune that is just not available. How have we worked around those roadblocks? is a great resource for awesome, archival footage and audio material (as well as hosting some dope 90's video games (Oregon Trail!!!)), they also have a Youtube channel. Getty hosts images and video, though it is rarely free. One last site I found was which had quite a bit of license/royalty-free material and only charged a one time handling cost- which wasn't bad.

So, best of luck in your search for free stuff- 'cause only suckers pay for stuff (Right Sean Parker?).