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Be Your Own Pit Boss #CasinoVideoProduction #ShootingInThePits

FiveSix Productions recently visited the ever-lavish, ever-dazzling, ever-hilarious Circus Circus Las Vegas where we had una muy bien tiempo y una grand fiesta shooting in the language of our downstairs neighbors. We threw some craps, rode a roller coaster, played some skeeball, and even went to a fancy dinner at the best steak restaurant in Las Vegas.

One of our locations included the craps and poker pits of the casino where we simulated some big-time winning! Given the nature of Las Vegas video production, we often find ourselves shooting commercials and corporate videos in such places, and have really found our niche. It may seem obvious and common sense, but always keep your eye to the pit boss, even with permission, there are definitely things you can't touch. Don't drool or whisper sweet nothings to the chips in the table safes- the eye in the sky frowns upon such things. There typically aren't a lot of electric outlets back there, so run electric wisely. There also isn't a lot of space, so build your stands in a tight, space-saving manor (so long as you can complete your job), and keep equipment to a minimum. Lastly, enjoy yourself; most of the weak, broke, common folk looking upon you with wanting, lonely eyes can only go back to Milwaukee or Little Rock or wherever they're from, day dreaming about the awesomeness that is radiating off you at that moment, because you're behind the velvet rope, and they're just eating cheese.

So, there  you have it, just some friendly, common sense reminders to help you next time you get to scale the mighty barricades of softness that keep safe the treasures that lie behind the royal flush you didn't get and the craps you didn't mean to throw.