Round Table Video

Yesterday, FiveSix Productions, your go-to Las Vegas video production company (or so the "top brass" hopes), shot a round table discussion that to me, seemed nearly identical to a certain scene in The Godfather. There were seven subjects that conversed for a little over an hour. In order to light everyone evenly, and not make it look like a scene out of a mafia film (example here), we suspended two China ball lights over the center of the table, and built a nice duvetyne cage (of sorts) to eliminate spill. The table was outfitted with a white table cloth (grey would probably be more advisable (that's circumstantial though)) which luckily provided good fill light, without being too "hot".

For our cameras, we used two of our trusty Canon C300s, and our awesome new Sony A7s (F11 Rentals has one if you need to borrow it). We locked off the Sony on a set of sticks, and put one Canon on our awesome Dana Dolly, and another on "Ol' Reliable" our cinedolly (I pushed!). One of our awesome audio amigos owned the hell out of the mighty 664 audio mixer, and ran eight channels of sweet-awesomeness like a boss! (It feels as weird typing that as it would to say it- my bad, enough of that.)

So, if you want to set up a round table discussion, (or a tea party with Teddy Bear and Strawberry Shortcake), and you'd like to film it for whatever reason, we're your trusted Las Vegas video production company, and we have plenty of friends and know a great video gear rental house to get the job done. (Run on sentence!!!)