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BoardRoom Interview - Rich Harbour Part 2

How do you tell Dale Velzy he is a shitty shaper? Tell us Rich!

Watch the raw footage from our production to hear the entire story. That controversial soundbite set everyone on fire when we used it in our first trailer.

Here is the final segment of our Rich Harbour interview.

Vegas Video Production provided by FiveSix Productions.
Interview by Markus Davids
Moral Support - Robert Bell

FiveSix ProductionsBoardRoom - Documentary

BoardRoom Interview - Rich Harbour Part 1

I grew up in the small town of Seal Beach, CA. Growing up we either took our bikes to Gumgrove Park or our boards to the beach. Every time we walked down to the water we would pass this little surf shop, Harbour Surfboards. My first surfboard was a Harbour, my dad bought it at a garage sale from a friend down the street. This shop is part of the fabric of the town, which is why it was such an honor to interview Rich Harbour for our project.

After 35 years of buying countless shirts, hat, and surfboards, I never realized the impact Rich Harbour had beyond our Main Street. For all of you with a Harbour sticker on your car or a Seal Beach Hoodie on your back, here is part 1 of our interview with Rich.

Interview was conducted my Markus Davids. It cracked me up because of his German accent it when he says Rich, it sounds more like Rick. We teased him relentlessly.

You can see more of Rich in our movie BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping. You can get your copy in the shop or at