High End Real Estate Videos #realestate #videoproduction #realtor

We've all heard of the virtual tour, we've all seen and probably taken dozens of them.  They are wide, boring and show off a place that may or may not be picked up, cleaned, or shot in the best light.  Yet, they are standard practice now for realtors in order to try and sell a home.  So, the virtual tour used to set you apart, now if you don't have one, it sets you back.  But every time something becomes common place, as with virtual tours, how do you distance yourself from the crowd, how do you get noticed and gain that edge once again?

The high end of real estate has found an answer and it is something that is starting to catch on.  High end real estate videos spare no expense when shooting luxury homes.  They use the best cameras, like the Canon C500, RED Epic or ARRI Alexa.  They use the right tools like a dolly, slider, jib and even drones are now getting in on the action to show an aerial view of the property or even the neighborhood.  They use professional lighting and crews and take the time to do it right.

What this does is it makes the video an experience, it makes the viewer have to go see this home.  The high end real estate video isn't meant to just show you a property, it's meant to make you feel a property.  They give the video great music,  a color treatment and emotionally try and connect the viewer to the space.  This eventually equals more visits to the home and more potential buyers.

This high end treatment isn't for every home, though we wish it could be.  The home has to be luxurious and have a high price point or it wouldn't make sense to produce a costly high end video.  Even with that said, it wouldn't hurt to have a professional crew shoot any home for sale instead of having a guy with tablet shoot some video and post it.  The look and feel will translate to more buyers.

We'd like to see more of the real estate industry take advantage of what production company's can offer.  If they have a bunch of homes to shoot, I'm sure there's deal that could be struck that benefits everyone.