Why Panasonic p2 is failing #videoproduction #AU-XPD1 #Panasonic #p2


With the recent announcement of Panasonic's new AU-XPD1 Usb 3.0 p2 reader, it's a reminder why the P2 format is getting left behind.

Years back we relied solely on the Panasonic line of cameras. SDX-900s, HDX-900s, HVX-200s, HPX-500s and so on. About 3 years ago our projects were getting bottlenecked because off the off-load time of the P2. Panasonic offered a USB 2.0 card reader for over $300 or a firewire reader for over $2000. We looked into a new camera the Canon C300 which had better compression rates and shot to CF card. A usb 3.0 card reader runs under $20.

We also invested in the Sony SXS cameras. A 64GB card can record 144 minutes of footage and transfers via usb 3.0 4X faster than the p2. Our p2 cameras sat on the shelf for over a year until sonnet released a thunderbolt to p2 reader for under $300. While more expensive than a CF reader it was a great investment to make our cameras relevant again.

Which is why today's announcement reinforces why Panasonic is going the way of the dinosaur. A usb 3.0 drive for $495. Panasonic, the saying goes "Good/Fast/Cheap, pick 2". Your giving us Outdated/Slow/Expensive.


Saying Goodbye to the HDX 900 & HVX 200 #panasonic #cameras

We're saying good bye over here to a couple of our old workhorses.  Just sold a Panasonic  HDX 900 and a Panasonic HVX 200 and we'll be sending them off this week.  It's tough to see those two cameras go, we haven't had much call for them recently but they both made some incredible pictures and captured hours of great video.

The HDX 900 is still in use in many television productions as some old companies still prefer tape based archiving.  It's much more difficult to erase a tape they say.....I agree if you have no idea how to use a computer.  But that's for another conversation.  I understand it's a great camera but I think the time to upgrade to some of the more technologically superior formats.  We held onto it as long as we were getting calls but that time seems to be over.

The HVX 200 was a game changer when it came out.  It held up all these years and is still in use for indie productions all over the world.  We haven't had the calls for it due to upgrading our camera gear to the Panasonic HPX 500, Sony PMW 300 and Canon C300.  However, it was a valuable piece of equipment and no doubt has been for countless other individuals and companies.

So, thank you to Panasonic for these two great cameras and we're looking forward to more in the future.  They are going to good homes too!

Switching with the Panasonic AW-HS50N HD Video Switcher

FiveSix Productions was asked to live switch for a client at the HIMSS Tradeshow in Las Vegas. The live cut was encoded and distrubited via the clients website.

We were tasked at finding a compact, affordable solution to produce and mix the different content. We decided on the Panasonic switcher which allowed us to mix multiple cameras and digital sources without any problems. We recorded the final mix on an aja Ki Pro Mini and the Atomos Samurai recorder.


The Panasonic has 4 HD-SDI Camera inputs and 1 DVI input for graphic sources. The strength of the unit is its multi view port. It scales all of the sources and put them on 1 monitor so our setup was compact and easy.

Overall this switcher made the show a breeze.