Roadtrippin' #roadtrip #crosscountry #jetset

It's Chairman's season at Caesars, which means it's travel season for FiveSix Productions! We have the delectable delight of dashing about the country meeting and interviewing the best employees Caesars has to offer.

From Kansas City and Chicago, to the Atlantic seaboard, down on the Gulf coast and out to sunny Southern California- FiveSix' courageous crew of confident cohorts is flying and driving around this beautiful country in pursuit of excellence.

This venture ends at the pinnacle of opulence- Las Vegas Boulevard, where we will present a cinematic roundup of champions at the awards ceremony.

We are three winners down, and taking a much appreciated breather in amazing Chicago, U.S.A. Next stop: Louisiana- See you from the road.

"Roadtrippin' with my two favorite allies, fully loaded, we've got snacks and supplies..." -Red Hot Chili Peppers


Six Channels of Awesome!!! #LasVegasVideoProduction #LasVegasAudio #AudioMixer #SoundsLikeLoveFeels

FiveSix Productions recently made a massive upgrade to it's audio department with the procurement of a Sound Devices 664 six-channel audio mixer. This state of the art audio mixer immediately doubles the workload capability of any other mixer in FiveSix' arsenal, and enables FiveSix to take on larger, more challenging audio tasks without outsourcing, therein strengthening the team as a whole. The primary feature is not the ability to record up to sixteen channels (with a future upgrade), but rather, to record sound internally, which provides liberty not yet experienced within the FiveSix realm.

FiveSix Productions has been consistently and successfully moving towards being one of the best and most sought after video production companies in Las Vegas. The addition of not only more equipment, but better quality equipment, not only enables FiveSix to provide everything a client needs, but also provides a Las Vegas video equipment rental solution for production audio, video, and more.

Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling.

Las Vegas Video Production

C300 in Low Light

DP David Dalasta of FiveSix Productions, decided to use the Canon C300 for our latest commercial production. Our shoot included filming outdoors at night as well as some driving down the Las Vegas strip shots. We were amazed that we only needed to bump the camera to 6400 ISO to get a properly exposed image. The versatility of the C300 was outstanding and exceeded our expectations.

Our subject a female atop the eiffel tower was lith three LED panels and our Male talent was lit with one LED while driving the car.

Director Bill Aylward, also had us shoot some macro elements using the Canon100mm L Series Lens. We overcranked at 60@24P shooting 720P. Our clients saw the footage and requested an additional spot based just on this footage.