The Vegas Golden Knights: Our New BFF!

I think we can all agree, our favorite aspect of the film "Slap Shot" is the Hanson Brothers (caution: some strong language).

Those three provide limitless laughter and entertainment as they decimated their opponents in ruthless fashion. Hockey is a fantastic sport! It's full of speed, danger, excitement, and occasional fisticuffs. The best part: Las Vegas now has their very own, shiny, fresh-out-of-the-box NHL team! TheĀ Vegas Golden Knights.

Recently, FiveSix Productions got to create a super-dope video chronicling the genesis of the team's name and logo. Now, if you're curious, the answer is yes, it was the video that was supposed to play during the name-announcement ceremony at T-Mobile Arena. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a technical glitch with the ceremony, and the A/V guys over there, couldn't get it on screen. We're not sure if it was just chop-full of too much awesome for their equipment to handle, or maybe they had a little Smeagol turned Gollum moment and wanted to keep Precious all for themselves. Either way, we were proud to be a part of the beginning of Las Vegas' first professional team: the Vegas Golden Knights, and you can check out the video we made here on their official website.

Oh, and, if you're curious about the "Golden" instead of "Silver" since Nevada is the "Silver State", it's because Nevada produces more gold than any other state in our beautiful Union (looking at you California).

It's Happening Again!

Oh gosh, it's happening again! The fellas at FiveSix Productions are about to get all crazy, level-7 confidential, CIA/KGB, can't talk about it or... you know... again. They're headed out to somewhere we can't talk about, doing something you don't want to know about, with some people regular folks have never heard of. All I can tell you is nothing, and all I can show you is this photo that could be any random Tuesday morning. Look... we hope they make it back alive, but... let's just say, it's been real.

FiveSix Productions On the Construction Site

Last week, FiveSix Productions had the opportunity to record at the Riviera Hotel right here in Las Vegas. As you may or may not know, the Riviera is one of the most famous and historic properties left on The Strip, but not for long. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority purchased the declining property not long ago to expand the already gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center in an attempt to stay at the forefront of the American Convention scene. The LVCVA set in motion the deconstruction of the hotel earlier this year, and we got to get right in the thick of it. Most of the raw materials such as the steel, iron, and other metals that are included in wiring and the like, can be recycled and used again, so a small army of men and machines are busy getting that task completed. By this time a couple years from now, the north end of the iconic Las Vegas Strip will look a whole lot different with Resorts World, Alon, and of course, the expanded Convention Center joining the Wynn complex, Trump, and SLS (oh, and Circus Circus, if it can survive). We love getting the opportunity to explore new subjects and locations, and this exciting Las Vegas video production experience has us stoked to get out on our next project.


President Adams Wants You To Calm Down #patience

President John Quincy Adams, son of founding father, and President John Adams, was quoted saying "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." This has particular pertinenceĀ  for me as a writer, and artist (or, so I consider myself).

As I was told when I was younger, and find to be truer and truer as time goes on, patience for an artist is as necessary as a keen eye, ear, or sense of creativity and imagination. Often times while penning screenplays, my imagination will run much faster than I can get my ideas on paper (or computer), to which I then frustratingly forget crucial information, dialogue, etc. When I am photographing landscapes, I sometimes get so rushed to capture what I feel is a fleeting moment that will forever escape my grasp, I miss setting up a truly wonderful shot, and end up with a lack-luster product.

Not taking time to set up a correct frame for an interview, set a lavalier in the best position, or review footage is a common mistake made my many who rush through a project. Even doing simple, but somewhat tedious tasks in an edit bay can lead to mistakes and below-average results because of a lack of patience.

The point being, sometimes, when one is feeling rushed, taking a step back, a deep breath, and just being patient, as President J.Q. Adams said, will magically allow difficulties, mistakes, and obstacles to vanish. We're going to forget great ideas, miss "perfect pictures", and make mistakes as a product of rushing- the quicker we can accept that, and persevere, the sooner we can get back to being the amazing artists and creators we are.


There's a P in Pterodactyl

I often wonder what goes through the mind of an editor or graphic designer when they see the word Pterodactyl. It's a fairly common word really, most people learn it when they're children; and though it's an odd, almost Greek-looking word, I feel it's recognizable enough. Still, there is something almost mystifying about an editor and graphic designer's ability, or, should I say, lack there of, to spell even the most common words. Before I appear morose or offensive, I would like to say that I believe these folks are intelligent, creative, and capable of wonderful on-screen-text, if only they just believe. I spent many an elementary year struggling with the subject of spelling, the laughter and pointing fingers only drove me to be more diligent in my studies, as well as utilize the resources of "spell check" and of course, a dictionary.

This inquisition into the unknown finds it's genesis in an instance when I was beseeched by a superior of mine to email any written material to editors and graphic artists to minimize grammar or spelling errors that so oft find their way onto our screens. I, in the most gallant fashion, shot an inquisitive and most likely, befuddled look, to which the response was: "Editors and graphic artists can't spell, that's why there is copy and paste." Shakespeare himself couldn't pen a more beautiful explanation; I felt as if I was listening to a concerto by Mozart, or gazing upon a Monet or the statue of David itself. I vowed from that moment to not only follow through with the advice, but also, to explore the origins and reasons behind the phenomenon of editor's inability to spell well. I would encourage everyone to do the same, as well as offer their help to anyone in distress.

My best recommendation for a place to start is, Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster- masters of their craft. Also, keep in mind friends, even our once great and prudent leader, President George Bush Sr.'s Vice President, Mr. Dan Quayle, had trouble spelling at one time or another.

Las Vegas Video Production

Terrablock 24EX Storage

We got our new 24TB Terrablock racked and ready to go. The entire process took less than a day to get everything up and running. The editors are loving the Fiber connectivity and have already started sharing project between the bays.

We had high hopes for this acquisition and so far it's living up to all of them.